“Petrov Technology” successfully completed Europroject “Improving the working conditions and safety of the employees of “Petrov Technology”EOOD under the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”.

The company managed to:

  • provide employees with new personal protective equipment and specialized workwear and shoes, according to the health risks for each job;
  • secure social benefits for employees and workers. In the form of place for short-term rest and relaxation, fully equipped dining, refurbished dressing rooms and bathrooms, new fitness halls equipped with modern fitness equipment, paths and tennis tables;
  • provide collective protective equipment, including upgrading and securing existing sites;
  • improve the microclimate in the enterprise;
  • has implemented BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Ocupational Health and Safety System) safety standards.

Implementation of the activities to achieve the objectives, has led to a significant improvement in working conditions and minimized risk during production processes. The work environment in the enterprise has been greatly improved by ensuring good and safe working conditions as well as the professional and health status of the employees of Petrov Technology EOOD.

Registration number BG05M9OP001-1.008-0991-C01
Start date: 07.06.2017
Date of completion: 07.06.2018